Car Accident? Here’s What You Should Do

Car Accident? Here’s What You Should Do

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The unfortunate thing has happened. You were involved in a car accident and are unsure of the next steps to take. How will you make a claim with your insurance company? Do you need a truck accident lawyer Houston? Here are a few things that you can do immediately after a car accident in Texas.

Go to the Hospital

Even if you feel like no injuries have come about as a result of the crash, you still need professional observation. Many victims report subsequent aches and pains days after a car accident. It is, therefore, in your best interest to err on the side of caution by going to emergency.

File a Police Report

Such is especially true if the accident was your fault. Even fender-benders can turn into nightmares without the intervention of law enforcement. A police report seals your story and serves as strong evidence in court.

Also, Texas law requires individuals to file a police report when injury or death is involved and when damages total more than $1,000. You should definitely file a report if an ambulance is called even if the person being transported is simply erring on the side of caution. Make sure that you get the names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, vehicle tag numbers, and phone numbers of all parties involved before letting them leave the scene. You will need such information when you file an insurance claim as well.

File an Insurance Claim

Your insurance company does not know that you had an accident unless you tell them. You should file a claim with your indemnity company sooner rather than later as you risk denial when you wait. Make sure that you know the date, time, and location of the incident as well as the basics surrounding the occurrence. It is a good idea to take pictures of damages at the scene if you are the party at fault so as to prevent the possibility of insurance fraud.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer Houston

It is not always necessary for legal counsel to get involved when accidents occur, but there is nothing wrong with being safe. Inform your lawyer of the date, time, and location of the incident as well as who was at fault. It is essential to hire legal counsel when you are the victim and the at-fault driver’s insurance company refuses to pay for all of your expenses. Your knowledge is no match for the indemnity firm that seeks to retain funds in lieu of giving large payouts. You need a lawyer who knows claims through and through to fight for your cause.

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