Concealed Carry Versus Commercial Property Rights in Connecticut

Concealed Carry Versus Commercial Property Rights in Connecticut

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Concealed carry in Connecticut is dependent upon a person being a resident of Connecticut, not being an illegal immigrant and not having any type of criminal record. A person can carry a handgun and other types of guns with other special permission depending on the situation and the reason for acquiring it after having license for it. A person can openly carry or conceal the gun in most public places as long as it is not a threat to those surrounding him or her. If it looks as though it would be a threat, a person could be stopped for the purpose of safety precautions.

If a person wants to have a gun in his or her home it is permissible as long as it is not accessible to anyone under the age of 21. Certain commercial property places do not allow guns in their promises. One is able to ask the certain Property Management as to why they have made this decision if he or she is concerned.  If you want to own a gun it would be best to find a place that allows conceal and carry if you are wanting to rent property.

Commercial properties have their own abilities to make laws depending upon their specific requirements. Many families may feel safer living in an environment where they know their neighbor does not have a gun. Whether it be loud music that a neighbor can hear through the walls of the apartment or the dog that won’t stop barking, one may never know if a neighbor can become overly upset or be drunk to the point of not thinking clearly. This could cause a threat to a person’s life, especially if the one with a gun starts to misuse it because of a particular circumstance as stated above. Therefore, each commercial property can decide whether or not that is something they allow.

Proper precautions must be made in the cases of carrying a gun. The reasons some commercial properties do not allow concealed carry can differ depending on location, past history, and personal management desire. Connecticut also does not allow concealed carry in places such as a bar, or a place where alcohol will be consumed, during an intense or highly probable argument or disagreement, or in political offices. Therefore, to find out the exact places in which you can legally carry your gun, it would be wise to research ahead of time rather than to assume it will not be an issue. If you want to find more information about conceal and carry, it could be to your benefit to contact a lawyer in regards to the specific laws of your state. Find a lawyer today and make your decision as to whether you would like to participate in your second amendment rights. One does not know how long you will have these rights, so take advantage of it if you feel so led. You never know if this opportunity to conceal and carry could save your life.


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