Drafting a Will and Final Testament: You Need a Professional Attorney by Your Side

Drafting a Will and Final Testament: You Need a Professional Attorney by Your Side

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If you’ve been operating under the assumption that a will and final testament is superfluous and largely unwarranted, perhaps these facts and figures will help enlighten your train of thought:

  • Over 50% of Britons do not have a viable will and final testament in place.
  • When these individuals inevitably pass away, their dependents will have to rely on antiquated laws, some of which were established as far back as 1925, to distribute the estates.
  • Estate taxes will be much higher if the deceased individual failed to create a living will.
  • Without a living will and testament in place, the government will essentially become your chief executor upon your death.
  • Establishing a legally binding will is the only way to concretely determine who gets what after you pass away, regardless of your relationships with the individuals in question.

As you can see by now, it’s in your best interests to address this all-important concept long before a life-threatening situation comes about, especially if you have specific wishes with regard to the equitable distribution of your assets and belongings. With this notion in mind, feel free to use this brief article as a checklist of sorts to help you find the perfect lawyer to facilitate this sensitive undertaking.

The Suite of Services

The most reputable local will writers, such as Heritage Wills in Kent, for instance, are much more than simple notaries or scribes; they are professional attorneys with a bevy of experience in a multitude of fields. Thus, you’ll want to ensure that your shortlist is comprised only of legal firms that can handle the following areas of focus:

  • Last will and testament
  • Property title changes
  • Powers of attorney
  • Trusts, both discretionary and lifetime iterations
  • Comprehensive funeral planning
  • Safe document storage services

Experience and Endorsements

After identifying several legal firms with the above-listed proficiencies, you’ll want to further separate the contenders from the pretenders by taking a close look at each organisation’s history of service as well as any applicable endorsements. Shown below are the most salient aspects that you should look out for:

  • At least 15 years of experience with estate services
  • Institute of Professional Willwriters membership
  • Trading Standards Institute accreditation
  • Full assortment of past client testimonials and first-hand accounts showcased directly on the organisation’s homepage
  • Multiple office locations spread across the UK

Free Home Visit

When discussing something as personal as death and your final wishes, you’ll want to feel as though your team of attorneys will go the extra kilometre to assuage your concerns and placate your deepest fears, which is why the most renowned legal firms pride themselves on being able to facilitate fee-free in-home visits for their clients. With this type of value-added service at your disposal, you’ll be able to avail yourself of top-notch legal assistance regardless of whether you happen to be at work, at home, or even in a hospital, which is a huge boon for senior citizens in particular.

With this valuable information at your disposal, you’ll be able to ascertain the perfect team of attorneys to help you solidify your final plans, wishes, and desires so feel free to print out this article and bring it to your consultation.

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