Hiring an Experienced DUI Attorney in Scottsdale

Hiring an Experienced DUI Attorney in Scottsdale

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DUI laws in Scottsdale are quite strict as those who drive under the influence increase their chances of killing or harming their passengers, other motorists and themselves. Thus, if you got a DUI you have to call an experienced and knowledgeable Scottsdale DUI attorney to offer the legal representation you deserve.

Hiring a Specialized Attorney

A lot of defendants charged with DUI prefer to represent themselves rather than hiring a DUI lawyer. Others believe that they cannot fight the charges and just admit guilt. A professional DUI attorney in Scottsdale has knowledge of the intricacies of DUI defense and can protect your rights. It is tricky to aggressively represent your rights so you have to pick a lawyer who has a strong track record.

A good Scottsdale DUI lawyer specializes in criminal law and has many years of experience representing DUI defendants. He must concentrate on defending your case that your behavior at the time of the arrest was caused by factors other than alcohol or drugs. When you were asked to take a breathalyzer test your lawyer will conduct an investigation on whether the machine was properly used and maintained.

Why Hire A DUI Lawyer

DUI attorneys in Scottsdale know how a conviction can impact your life. Even a first conviction can lead to jail time, significant fines and loss of license. It is likely that an ignition interlock devices installed in your vehicle. In addition you may be required to spend time attending classes on the dangers of intoxication while driving.


An excellent DUI lawyer knows that the effect of your conviction extends beyond penalties imposed by the court. It can be hard to get car insurance and you can expect your rates to increase. A DUI conviction can impact your ability to commute to your job or get hired. You would have to depend on the goodwill of others or on public transportation.

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