How A Solicitor Can Help With A Will Challenge

How A Solicitor Can Help With A Will Challenge

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You may want to challenge the contents of a will for a number of different reasons. This is going to be much easier if you have hired a lawyer to help you because they are well versed when it comes to this area of family law.

The Solicitor Can Assemble A Case If You Think That The Will Was Forged

  • You may think that the will has been forged, especially if people seem to have been suspiciously added into the will when they were not included in previous versions.
  • A qualified firm of will solicitors in Yorkshire will build a case which sets out to prove that a will was forged and it was not meant to contain suspicious information.

Why Can You Not Challenge?

There has to be a viable reason why you are challenging the contents of a will. A lawyer is going to be able to explain why you cannot make a challenge. You cannot do this if you feel that the amount of money left is unsatisfactory. You have to prove that this under-provision is going to have a negative impact on your life.

How can a solicitor help you with a will challenge?

The Solicitor Can Assemble A Case If The Will Has Not Been Signed

  • You may have noticed that the will has not been signed, and therefore it is not a binding legal document.
  • A solicitor can mount a challenge on your behalf. This may lead to a previous version of the will that was signed.

The Solicitor Can Assemble A Case If You Think That The Signature Was Obtained By Deception

  • The person making the will may have been deceived into signing a draft of the will that they were ultimately not happy with, and they intended to make a new will.
  • They may have thought that the piece of paper was a bill or a different type of contract.
  • A solicitor can assemble a case which argues that the signature was ultimately obtained by deception.

The Positive Outcome Of A Challenge

The positive outcome of the challenge is that the will can be thrown out and an earlier edition of the will is going to be used. The assets will be divided equally if no previous will has been found. This means that you will receive a fair outcome.

Overall Article Summation

You should make a legal challenge as soon as possible if you believe that there is something wrong with a will that has been submitted. The lawyer is going to explain all the challenges that can be made, as well as the circumstances which do not constitute a proper legal challenge. The entire process will be handled by the solicitor so that you do not need to concern yourself with the legalese that surrounds the case.

They will keep you well-informed of how the case is progressing after they have acquired all of the relevant information from you about the will in question.

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