Immigration Law Is Complex in the UK

Immigration Law Is Complex in the UK

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If you require any assistance with the immigration process in the UK, you need to seek legal counsel and advice. You simply cannot get around this kind of bureaucratic process without the aid of a solicitor. Whether you are a company, family, or individual who plans to relocate to the UK, you need to work with an immigration legal team that notably specialises in all areas of immigration. Legal professionals advise companies and individuals inside and outside of Europe who wish to establish a residence or business in the UK.

Employee Sponsorships

A law firm that specialises in this kind of law handles all the steps required for employee sponsorships, sponsorships that are made on behalf of non-EU individuals by employees. This same service is extended to companies who are transferring their staff and relocating them in the UK. Everything is done to assist a client in his or her transition, including obtaining citizenship as well as a permanent residence.

For example, maybe you are a company that wishes to set up a branch office in the UK. In this case, you would want to obtain a visa under the category of “Representative of an Overseas Business” immigration. In order to proceed, you need to show that you are a bona fide employee of a company overseas, and that you are the proper person to set up a UK branch for your company. In addition, you need to demonstrate you are authorised to make decisions about the proposed office.

Applying for a Visa When You Are Establishing a UK Branch Location

In order for a visa application to be approved, you will also need to show that you can efficiently speak and write English. The initial visa is issued for a three-year period. If you wish to have dependents accompany you to the UK, you need to offer proof that you can support and maintain their financial status without any reliance on public funding.

When giving immigration advice in London, solicitors also add that anyone wishing to establish a branch office in the UK can stay another two years after the three-year period runs out. This can be done as long as the person shows he or she has indeed established a branch office, and that the company is operational in the UK.

Not only that, a business person and his or her family can apply for a settlement under this type of immigration classification if they reside in the UK for five years. In addition, an immigrant who has established a branch office is eligible to apply for naturalisation as a British citizen after a year, as long as he or she has held an Indefinite Leave to Remain during that time.

However, the above example is just one instance out of many of how immigration law impacts people relocating to the UK. To understand its full import, you need to look at all the areas where this type of law applies. Advice is given to sponsors, entrepreneurs, investors, and families, just to name a few. Therefore, contact an immigration solicitor first to better understand your specific rights and responsibilities along these lines.

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