Is Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Worth the Money? How Do They Help You?

Is Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Worth the Money? How Do They Help You?

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Automobile accidents cause serious harms, from injuries to casualties to more than 2.35 million Americans each year. The annual financial cost of these accidents rounds up to $230 billion. Inattention, unsafe driving, malfunctioning vehicle, and many such reasons cause an accident. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the motorcycle accidents cause 13% deaths of the total casualties caused in automobile accidents in US.

An accident is an uncertain mishap. The physical losses will take time to heal, but you can take control over the financial losses, simply by hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

A motorcycle accident lawyer helps you in a number of ways. Following are some of their services.

They Assess the Situation

You should never hide anything from your doctor or lawyer, an accident occurs within only a few seconds. It is tough for you to assess the situation or even understand the cause of the crash in the aftermath. The motorcycle accident advocate can assess your case to determine liability. The information is highly useful in dealing with the police, court, and your insurance company.

They Understand the Legal Procedures

Not only do you have to make doctor appointments, but you may need to attend court, answer police questions, or even answer the media after a motorcycle accident. The lawyers regularly deal with such cases, which is why, they are already aware of the potential questions. They prepare you to answer not only easy but also tricky and complicated questions.

They Help You with Demonstrative Dealing

“Were you texting? We have records of your last SMS sent just before the accident. What you would say now,” asked the police officer.

The police may also ask you for providing a written statement. Similarly, the insurance company will also negotiate with you, or at least ask you to provide a statement. The motorcycle accident lawyer will help you compose and manage your verbal and written statements, and also ensure that you avoid weakening your claim in your statements.

They Prepare Your Documents

You need to prepare your insurance claim and provide legal proofs for it. The documents required to make your insurance claim stronger include your medical bills, your driving history, your license, and more. The lawyer will gather all necessary documents to make sure that you win the insurance claim.

They Negotiate to Maximize Your Insurance Coverage

The insurance companies have professional negotiators. The lawyer acts as a professional negotiator on your behalf. Their knowledge of legal procedures strengthens their strong communication skills. Most of the motorcycle accident attorneys charge a fee only upon winning your insurance claim, which is why, they invest all of their efforts in maximizing your insurance coverage.

What You Should Do?

You can never plan for an accident because accidents, by nature, are completely unpredictable. Yet, you must take the proper steps after an accident to protect your rights. This is why the best practice is to find a reputable law firm and get in touch with them in an emergency. Wilshire Law Firm provides expert consultancy as well as lucrative services for accidents. Our team of experts strives to maximize your insurance coverage and treat you like a VIP!

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