Process of Hearing for a Workers Compensation for Injury

Process of Hearing for a Workers Compensation for Injury

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When you have some case for workers’ injury and fail to settle it, you must prepare for a hearing for the same. The hearing is same as a trial and this hearing particularly is for claims for compensation by the injured worker. The hearing is for a case of injury where the most important witness to be considered is you. You must testify as to the accident and the extent of injury. There are times when you have to testify for the injury too and the effect of the injury on your ability to work. The medical treatments and its consequences are also to be noted in the trial.

Preparation for compensation

The preparation is because of the insurance that you are to receive and the adjuster may ask for your recorded statement on this effect. You must mention about your injury and its extent. You must also let them know about hindrances, if any, in doing other activities of your regular life due to the injury. You can practice what to say for your recorded statement before recording it as part of the preparation for a workers comp hearing. The lawyers then go to the doctors’ office and ask them for a testimony on the injuries that you have, in front of a court recorder.

During the hearing for the compensation

You should arrive for the hearing at your mentioned time. You must inform your attorney about the time that you want to appear. Discuss with your attorney about the proceedings and then take actions accordingly. You must dress respectfully. It can be a button down shirt and slacks or a formal suit. You should also bring along the extra aid for your injury that you are using – like crutches or other equipment. It will take around 1 – 2 hours but it can also go on for higher timing – depending on the complexity of your case. The attorneys from your end and the insurance company attorney will have chance to submit their case and then summarize the case and evidences.

Review the hearing

They need to review the reports of accident and also get to question. They can also argue on any point that seems valid. The hearing officer or the judge for the case will listen to you and you need to behave properly to get the right judgment. You must follow the proceedings and speak the truth. Stay calm till the end and take guidance from your lawyer too. You will have to testify and for that you must listen to the questions carefully and then answer. You may not know an answer and in that case you must say so.

Documents and proof for the final decision

The medical records, proof of your wages and the days when you lost wages, medical bills that you have not yet paid and the employment records in the factory where you work and required for preparation for a workers comp hearing. The documents that show the insurance claims and recordings of witnesses on the accident causing injury are also required by the case office. The judge will look at the documents, recordings and proofs. Then he will review the case and make a decision. This will be mailed to you and to your lawyer for the case. This is mailed to the insurance company also. The judgement takes a time period of 30 to 90 days.

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