Protect your Commercial Driver’s License after a DUI Offense

Protect your Commercial Driver’s License after a DUI Offense

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Commercial drivers nationwide are subject to heftier penalties for DUI offenses compared to non-commercial drivers. In Nevada, it is a crime to drive a commercial truck or bus with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of 0.04 percent or higher. You risk losing your driver’s license for a year or even life, depending on the details of your offense. One-year suspensions apply when the DUI offense is your first while lifetime bans are imposed for subsequent violations.

While you are allowed to contest your commercial driver’s license suspension by requesting a DMV administrative hearing, avoiding suspension altogether is less taxing and more favorable on your driving record. Note that DUI offenses and any accidents that result in injury or death remain on your driving record forever. Here is what you need to do to have your driver’s license reinstated in Nevada:

  • Satisfy all court requirements
  • Pay reinstatement fees
  • Retake the commercial driving skills and knowledge tests
  • Take and pass a vision test

Reinstatement fees can be $110 or $145.

How to avoid a commercial driver’s license suspension

The first step in dodging potential revocation of your commercial driver’s license should be to hire the services of a qualified and experienced Las Vegas Defense Group lawyer. A specialized DUI lawyer will know how to work around your case for the best possible outcome.

They will conduct an independent investigation of the case and weigh your chances of having your license suspended. If you are going against a seemingly strong case, the attorney will try to negotiate a deal with the prosecutors to have your charges reduced. However, if they find legitimate vulnerabilities, they can use them to have the charges against you dismissed altogether. Some of those vulnerabilities include:

Police mistakes – If police breached protocol while arresting you or taking you through sobriety tests, your case may be dismissed. Additionally, you can have the case dismissed if the breathalyzer used in the test was defective or if the nurse charged with conducting the blood test is not qualified. Forceful arrests and failure of police to read you your Miranda laws during arrest can also be used to dismiss your case.

Unjustifiable traffic stop – If you were pulled over, subjected to sobriety tests or put in custody without probable cause, your DUI attorney can submit a request to have the case dismissed.

Non-commercial vehicle – The police and prosecutors have to prove that you were driving a commercial vehicle at the time of your DUI arrest for your commercial driver’s license to be revoked.

You didn’t cause an accident – If you are in court for having caused bodily injuries or death to someone while operating a commercial vehicle, the prosecutors have to prove the harm or death was a result of your drunk driving for your commercial driver’s license to be revoked. The case can be dropped if the victim is found to have been at fault for the accident or if neither of you was at fault.

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