Understanding the Difficulty of the Patent Application Process

Understanding the Difficulty of the Patent Application Process

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Being an inventor takes a lot of skill and effort. The problem is that even if you have finally invented something significant, you can’t just have it attributed to your name. You must apply for a patent first. You should also move quickly before others start stealing your idea. Once they do and they have the invention patented, you can’t claim for it anymore, even if you are technically the inventor.

Applying for a patent

Applying for a patent locally and internationally also involves different sets of rules. It is a must for you to understand how these processes work so that you can move ahead with the application.

You should first visit your local patenting office or department to ask about the procedure for application. Ask them about the necessary documents. A drawing of the invention plus some descriptions are typically necessary, as attachments.

Once the office has received the documents submitted for application, it will collect the filing fee and forward the application to the person in-charge. The time of filing will then be stamped on the application. It is crucial to determine who really applied for the patent first just in case there is a challenge later on.

In the event that some application documents are missing or incomplete, the person who filed for it will be asked to return to comply with what was missing. The application will not proceed unless those documents have been furnished.

Patent applicants are asked to pay a fee for each patent application. No two inventions can be patented at once with the same payment. Fees can be really huge, so be prepared.

Once the application documents are complete, the examiner will receive the application and review it. It could take up to 2 to 3 years before they get in touch with you about your application. Some people have received patents in just 6 to 8 months, but these are not really common scenarios.

Using patenting software

If you go through all these steps, you might feel really tired. It helps if you use patent software instead. Everything will be done faster since you don’t have to gather all the paper documents. You don’t even have to travel back and forth just to get your application done. Even the fees can be paid online.

With the right software, a patent application can be way easier than it used to be. You will still wait for a long time for the result, but at least you can cut some time during the application phase. However, do not rely on patent software solely, you should still seek expert help from an experienced patent attorney.

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