What Can a Criminal Defence Lawyer Do to Help Me?

What Can a Criminal Defence Lawyer Do to Help Me?

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Someone whose profession is a criminal defence lawyer will be employed to represent anybody who has been accused of a crime. In a common criminal case scenario, a criminal defence lawyer will be standing to the side of and represent the defendant while a contending lawyer, known as a prosecutor, will be on the other and standing in for the government.

A lawyer who practices defence law can undertake a range of differing duties – from defending somebody against something insignificant like a speeding ticket charge, all the way across the spectrum to an alleged criminal during the course of a murder trial. Prosecutors, on the other hand, are responsible for representing the government in all of the very same types of cases.

A Profession of Multitasking!

What they do:

  • A qualified criminal defence lawyer can be employed by both the government and a private law company, or even as a solo practitioner.
  • Criminal defence lawyers who work for the government to represent defendants are commonly known as “public defenders.”
  • In many countries around the world, a public defender is provided to any defendant, without enough funds to afford the hiring of a lawyer.
  • The elementary duty of this type of lawyer is to defend a client.
  • To effectively carry out this task, a lawyer will need to put aside his or her personal opinions on any case.

All in a Day’s Work!

A professional criminal defence lawyer in Perth will also have to:

  • Wholeheartedly champion a client’s case, no matter whether the lawyer actually believes a client is guilty or not.
  • Have to make some appearances in court.
  • Also with spending time at the trial of one client, may also have to make a number of other different court appearances on behalf of other clients.
  • Be required to appear at bail hearings or other such administrative hearings.

Interviews and Bargaining

Along with appearing in a court, a criminal law lawyer undertakes even more tasks. Such as:

  • He or she will have to spend a great amount of time interviewing all clients prior to any hearings or trials.
  • If a prosecutor offers a defendant a plea bargain, the expert lawyer will be responsible for considering the deal with the defendant.
  • During the course of such a meeting, the lawyer will give their best advice to the defendant on what to do regarding the plea bargain and explain what all the potential legal implications are.
  • Conduct lawful research in order to find any case law or statutory interpretations that will help to boost his or her client’s case.
  • Take any evidence or statements from witnesses.
  • Maybe come to the conclusion to hire private investigators to look into particular aspects of any case, and will he or she will then be deemed responsible for interpreting and analysing any kind of evidence discovered by the investigator.

That’s certainly one very busy type of a profession!

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