What You should Know about the No Win, No Fee Agreement – and How it can Help You

What You should Know about the No Win, No Fee Agreement – and How it can Help You

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If you have ever been a victim of a personal injury – whether it is because of a road accident, a slip or trip and fall at the workplace, or an unpleasant incident at the beauty salon or laser treatment centre with unintended consequences as result – then you understand how such injuries can seriously affect your life. One little mistake can have serious repercussions.

Many people decline to file a claim for personal injury; either they are ignorant about how such things can be done or they see little value in the procedure, or they fear it will demand too much time and money. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Here’s what you should know about the no win, no fee agreement – and how it can help you.

What is a no win, no fee arrangement?

There was a time when you needed to pay a solicitor’s fee upfront if you were seeking legal advice, and especially if you were looking to file a claim in court. Those days are over; many solicitors are willing to temporarily waive their fees and get compensation only after a positive outcome has been accomplished – only if you receive compensation yourself. This offers the victim of a personal injury, whether it’s laser hair removal burns, a broken leg from a slip and fall, and other types of injuries tremendous advantages.

How does the arrangement work?

In essence, it means that you won’t have to pay the solicitor for all the legal work that has been performed if your case doesn’t produce a favourable outcome. If your claim is unsuccessful, there will be no bill to pay under the heading of ‘legal fees.’ The solicitor will therefore be motivated to do everything in their power to claim benefits for you, as otherwise they will not be paid, either.

What if you lose?

You will not have to pay any legal fees. Whatever the grounds for dismissal of the case may be (being found dishonest, lack of evidence, trying to benefit financially from someone else without grounds, insufficient grounds for claim, etc.), the solicitor will not charge you for their time and expertise.

What if you win?

If you win, you may be able to claim medical expenses, transportation costs, accident report costs, barrister fees for the court, and so on. Your expenses will be reimbursed and the solicitor will be paid only upon receipt of the said reimbursement.

It’s needless to say that the no win, no fee arrangement offers many advantages to the client, as all the solicitor’s fees are waived for the moment, and are only settled if there is a positive outcome from the case. If you’ve ever been a victim, never hesitate. You deserve to have compensation, after all.

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